Defamation Solicitors

“It takes twenty years to build a reputation – and 5 minutes to ruin it.”
Warren Buffett

“Reputation is only a candle of wavering and uncertain flame, and easily blown out, but is the light by which the world looks for and finds merit.”
James Russell Lowell

Nationally Recognised

Mark Manley and Eddie Parladorio have been recognised in Chambers Legal Directory and Legal 500 as a UK leaders in the field of Defamation since the early publication of both directories in the 1980’s. They have advised hundreds of clients on libel, slander and malicious falsehood claims. Manleys represents both Claimants and Defendants. Unlike many firms in this sector (which become widely known as Claimant or Defendant only firms) we handle cases on both sides of the fence – obviously not in the same case! This gives us a unique insight into “how the other side works”.

We protect the reputations and privacy of our clients. We also protect the rights of our publishing and broadcasting clients to ensure their creativity is not compromised nor thwarted. We advise on all defamation, reputation, malicious falsehood and privacy problems, including:

Libel – publication in writing (including email or internet) of defamatory allegations

Slander – defamatory statements made orally to a third party

Malicious falsehood – publication of false information which is likely to cause financial loss

Privacy – where there is a threat or occurrence of an invasion of your privacy or there has been a breach of confidence or a breach of a reasonable expectation of privacy.

A significant proportion of our work also involves working closely with, or advising, PR consultants.

Pre-Publication/Broadcast Vetting/Clearance

We receive articles/audio to vet/clear for a number of publishers and broadcasters – ensuring wherever possible that they “get the story” out – with as little risk as possible. Clearance advice is sometimes required minutes before broadcast or print deadlines. Experience is critical in advising on decisions which if wrong, could involve substantial fines, regulatory sanctions and/or claims.

Specialist legal advice and action from Manleys before a public or private publication or broadcast is made can prevent damage being done and disputes arising.

Our experience of acting for a range of media organisations including TV and radio stations, programmes and film production companies, magazines and newspapers, online publishers and high profiles celebrities and individuals means that we are well placed to identify possible problems and issues involving libel, slander, privacy, copyright infringement, contempt of court, Press Complaints Commission and OFCOM, confidentiality and data protection.

We provide pre-publication advice on a retainer basis to suit the publication cycles of our clients’ programmes and titles as well as providing pre-publication advice on an ad hoc basis. Members of the Manleys team frequently provide clients with a ‘legal sign off’ as is often required to satisfy insurance requirements.

We are alive to commercial and creative considerations, however we appreciate the need for our clients to avoid legal and regulatory risks before information is published.

We can also liaise with publishers on behalf of individuals and businesses when issues come to light before publication occurs. We can advise on the need for injunctive relief.

Defamation Litigation

Once stories have been published or broadcast we can assist whether your reputation has been attacked or maligned, or if you are the publisher or broadcaster under threat of a claim. When necessary we have sued for libel for clients to obtain apologies and retractions.

Protection of Personal Reputation

Claimant clients include celebrities from TV, Entertainment, Football, Rugby, Boxing, Athletics, Music, Theatre, Football Clubs, Managers, Players and Agents and many clients in corporate roles. We act for people from all walks of life from teachers to builders, lawyers, MP’s and even a Bishop!

Post Publication Media Regulation

The team at Manleys also provides clients with expert advice on post-publication regulatory matters and complaints such as through OFCOM, PCC and the BBC Trust. We can, and do, draft detailed written submissions on behalf of clients to regulators and represent clients at regulatory hearings.

Protection of Corporate Reputation

It’s been said that companies don’t have feelings and don’t shed tears so shouldn’t sue for libel or slander of name

  • We work with lots of solicitors. Marks flair, charisma and strategy make him stand out.

    Peter Farrington Probe Investigations UK

  • Very professional and thorough, with great attention to detail. He's also got a sense of humour - which helps!

    Jamie Carragher Sky Sports

  • One of the leading Media Lawyers in the Country. I've worked both with and on the other side of the fence from him and his reputation is richly-deserved.

    Steve Kunciewiez Bermans Solicitors

  • I've used Mark and his team for 20 years - I wouldn't dream of using anyone else. Mark has never let me down - always perfect.

    Gary Dean MD, Leisure Information Services Ltd

  • Mark is a clear leader in his field. His drive, experience and knowhow are all part of his offering.

    Ian Ayre Managing Director, Liverpool FC

  • Immediate, solid advice which give the on-air teams at Bauer Radio confidence our broadcasts are legally sound.

    John Pickford Editor, Key 103 FM

  • My kind of lawyer - Straight talking, clear advice.

    Jason Tyldesley Managing Director, Sofaworks

  • Provided great support and guidance in the legal process surrounding our applications to the Court, Invaluable help and extremely professional.

    Dr. Denise Barrett-Baxendale Deputy CEO, Everton FC

  • I find great comfort knowing that Mark is at the end of the phone...

    Pete Price Radio City

  • Mark appeared for me in the High Court to obtain an Order in an urgent matter. His tenacity ensured a great result for me.

    Marounne Fellaini Manchester United FC

  • He is consistently the best at what he does in our opinion

    Marlen Roberts MD, Insider Media Ltd

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    Kerry Katona Entertainer

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    Ricky Whittle

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    Stan Boardman

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    Claire Sweeney Actress

  • Having guided me through one of the most frightening circumstances of my life, I can vouch for Mark Manley's extraordinary capabilities and utter veracity

    Chumki Banerjee

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    Steve Hothersall Editor, Radio City

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    Amir Khan

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    Steve King Group Programme Director, Bauer Media

  • Handles publicity with great flair.

    Stuart Driver QC

  • Great person to have on your side. Great ability to interpret complex issues and gives sound and and clear advice. Pro-active.

    Phil Tottey

  • Universally respected and his name brings with it a sense of trust.

    Lime Pictures Ltd

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    Tom Handley Senior Clerk Exchange Chambers

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    Martin O'Shea Bold Management Ltd

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    Micah Richards Fiorentina FC

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    Ricky Tomlinson

  • Mark is a talented lawyer, he provides excellent advice.

    Duncan Foster Director, Coronation Street (ITV)

  • Mark is a valued and essential part of the team at Manleys offering media law advice and his clients are very lucky to have him.

    Richard Maddock BBC Sport

  • Tells the truth plainly without adornment. He is irritatingly usually correct! One of the North's top top lawyers.

    Nick Jaspan Prolific North