Court Reporting & Contempt Clearance

We have over 25 years of experience advising media clients on all aspects of Court reporting and Contempt clearance.

We act for some of the UK’s leading Television, Newspaper, Radio and Magazine owners including ITV Plc, Lime Pictures (The Only Way is Essex, Geordie Shore, Hollyoaks), Bauer (Kiss FM, Key 103 FM, Radio City, Radio Aire, Viking FM, Metro FM, Cool Radio, Wave FM, Clyde FM), Insider magazines, Excel publishing (En Magazine). We provide (often urgent) advice on a daily basis on what can and cannot be reported and what might constitute contempt of court or a breach of the OFCOM Code.

We have successfully appeared before criminal and civil courts to defend media clients accused of contempt. Our lawyers have represented Sky TV in overturning reporting restrictions involving the media.

We provide media and court reporting training to many of our clients’ news teams.

Our out of hours service means we are always available 24/7 365 days per year for advice on these issues.

Contempt of Court is a criminal offence which the current Attorney General has demonstrated will not be tolerated. It carries with it serious risks of financial and even custodial sanctions. “Better to be safe than sorry” could never have been more apt! Courts can now order payment of wasted costs where a report has caused a hearing or trial to be aborted and moved to another location. Those costs can be very large. We adopt a policy of understanding that journalists want to get the story out – but within the law and without risk. We operate a “can do” approach rather than a “spike it” wherever possible and safe approach, but we manage the risk for our clients.

We have appeared before criminal courts for over 25 years representing media clients who have been summoned to explain possible contemptuous actions.

Contact Mark Manley, Leanne Wheeler or Róisín Gadelrab on 01244 230000

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    Steve King Group Programme Director, Bauer Media

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    Phil Tottey

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